Decorating For The Ceremony

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For some brides and grooms, thinking up ways to decorate for the reception is easy. You have dinner tables to set up and probably have lots of ideas about what kind of reception you want. But how do you decorate for the ceremony?

Decorating for your ceremony may be the most difficult part of all. For many people that get married in a church, they often have rules and time frames for when and how they may decorate. Some places may not let you use tape or other things to secure garlands and flowers, others may not allow you to move things around. Furthermore, some people may not plan well enough and get to their church or the place they are having their ceremony and realize that their decorations just won’t look right or work with the surroundings.

In this case, planning ahead and asking lots of questions is vital to having successful ceremony decorations. Even though the garland may look pretty draped along the aisle of the pews, you may end up blocking your guests from getting out! Furthermore, a trellis at the altar may be pretty, but you should make sure that it will fit through doors and is lightweight and portable.

In order to decorate your ceremony location with ease, make a checklist of what you want and what you are going to bring. Assign friends or family that you can trust and that aren’t already overloaded with other wedding details to assemble the decorations beforehand. It may also be a good idea to put up caution tape or signs if you are decorating a public place where children or other people may come through so they know to leave things alone.

Furthermore, see what kind of decorations or props your location already has that you are allowed to use. If you are getting married in an old church, they may have excellent antique candle holders or tables that you can borrow for the ceremony. You may also find that some locations, like a private garden or a church with stained glass windows are so beautiful in themselves that little decoration is actually needed.

Also consider what kind of decoration you want for your ceremony. Do you want candles, ribbon and tons of flowers? Or is a more simple ceremony more your style? If you also have a theme reception in mind, it is a good idea to add some of it into the decoration of your ceremony. For example, if you are having a luau themed reception, perhaps you could decorate with palm trees and tropical flowers instead of roses and tulips.

Whatever you decide, make sure that everything is accounted for and someone is assigned to decorate for you on your big day. Remember to opt for easily portable decorations and props and ask questions about what you can and can’t do at your location. If you have everything planned before hand, decorating for your ceremony will be one less thing to worry about on your big day.