Dreamy Wedding Flowers on a Shoestring Budget

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While you may have an easier time of tastefully decorating your wedding venue when you have an unlimited budget, this is not a given. True taste shines no matter how deep or shallow the pocket of the bride and the groom is. With a little cunning and smooth maneuverings, your budget could be stretched out to cover very elegant and stylish floral arrangements for your wedding.

Use less expensive flowers

There is a hierarchy in flowers that is dictated by the flowers’ rarity as well as their innate beauty. If you are on a budget, it is advisable to steer clear of the more expensive variety. You don’t have to use rare orchids if you can use daisies instead. True, your flowers are inexpensive and your guests will know it but so what?

It’s not your primary purpose to reveal the size of your bank account with the expense that went to pay for your flowers. It’s your main aim to enhance the beauty of the occasion, and even humble daisies can do this when they’re properly arranged. Bunch your yellow daisies together and you’ll achieve a very glamorous effect.

Use fewer flowers and flower arrangements

More flowers inadvertently cost more than fewer flowers. To bring down your wedding flower costs without sacrificing your sense of style, minimize your need for flowers. You can do this by cutting down the number of your wedding attendants. If you can have only four bridesmaids, why have ten? This translates to big savings because you won’t have to furnish as many bouquets or boutonnières.

You can also invite fewer guests to your wedding. When there are fewer guests, there will be fewer tables to adorn with floral centerpieces and generally a small area to decorate with flowers.

One other alternative to minimize the amount of flowers you need is by using flower petals in your decorations instead of whole flowers. Instead of periodic bunches of flowers for decoration, you can scatter flower petals on them. Instead of bunched floral centerpieces, you can choose flat bowls of scented water with floating water lilies, flower petals and votive candles. Use your imagination.

Choose naturally gorgeous locations

If you have a wedding in the mountain or in the garden, there’s less need for flowers and floral arrangements; the verdant backdrop will only need a few flower accents here and there. Likewise if you choose an awe-inspiring church for your wedding, then you are not likely going to need further embellishment for the church will be striking on its own.