Getting Your Groom To Help With Decorations

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Some brides may find that they end up going it alone when it comes to decorations. Some grooms just might not have the same interest in decorating for the wedding as their partner, or simply trust you to make is special for your big day. However, as fun as decorating is, it’s a big part of the wedding and can also be very costly and stressful. Here are a few ways to get your groom to help you make some decisions and get involved in the decorating process:

1) Take him to places he likes: If your groom shudders at the thought of entering bridal shops and craft stores, then take him to a store he is comfortable in. Many guys are more interested in home improvement stores, which are also great resources for wedding decorations. From big potted plants and trellises to fountains, candles and more, taking your guy to a home improvement store may get him inspired to create something for the wedding.

2) Ask him his opinion on things that you like: Even if your groom just gives you the thumbs up on whatever you decide, ask his opinion anyway. You may find that if you keep showing him ribbon and lace, he may voice his opinion that maybe he wants a little less. Keep him talking and find out what he thinks would be too much, or what he would like added to your ceremony and reception decorations.

3) Get his friends involved: If your bridesmaids and friends are already overloaded with wedding details and jobs, ask your partner if he can get his best man and groomsmen to help with decorating. If they become squeamish at the thought of setting a dinner table, then ask them if they don’t mind lifting and moving tables, rolling out carpets and hauling in stereo equipment. There are plenty of decorating details that an anti-decorating groom and his friends can help with on the wedding day, so don’t forget to ask them to pitch in.

4) Lure him with food or fun: If decorating is truly not interesting for your partner, promise them that you will do something that they think is fun afterwards. Whether it’s catching a game or a movie or just going out to eat, a little reward for pitching in and helping will go a long way.

5) Remind him it’s his big day too: Some grooms just think that the wedding is for the bride and that their opinion doesn’t matter, but the spotlight is on them too. Remind your partner that this is his day too, and maybe he will come around and give his two cents about decorations.

If your partner is still not interested in helping with decorations, then see if you can afford a wedding planner or organizer to give you a hand. They may be genuinely too busy or feel like they are just as lost as you are. Whatever you decide, get someone to help you with decorating decisions to relieve a little stress and enjoy your big day.