Top 10 Wedding Gadgets

wedding accessories

1) USB Flash drive cufflinks (really!) To match it you could buy the USB flash drive wedding ring! Image and product from Firebox

2) Flashing LED wedding dress and / or tuxedo

3) A wedding ring that projects images onto the wall (why?!)

4) A round-the-neck wine glass holder (for when you hit the dance floor…)

5) Wedding planning phone app. Some of these are actually quite good and if you spend a lot of time fiddling with your phone anyway…!

6) Spinning bow tie (A wedding gadget to surprise / upset your bride!)

7) A champagne bucket with a thermostat to keep it cool (I actually would like one of these)

8) How about DVDs or CDs as favours. Give your guests a film or mix tape to remember the day

9) Slide projector. You can get hold of small, portable ones, to project images during the reception

10) Ipod and / or karaoke machine to help you out with your entertainment later on in the night.

Please check out my wedding inspiration page for more ideas to help you plan your big day. Lots coming up on the blog this week.