Top 5 Multi-Cultural Wedding Trends of 2013


2011 has definitely been the year of playful new wedding trends. But let’s face it, unless you’re Kim Kardashian who can afford a wedding glam squad, most brides in 2011 wore multiple hats as bride, gown designer and/or event planner for their wedding. Along with the hands-on support of family and friends, these brides would put the whole wedding together, and still manage to blink and blush for the camera, in a slim-fitted bodice gown. Kudos!

Trend #5: Matching Dress to Cake

Whether the bride wore white or yellow, tartan or kimono, one thing was clear this 2011: The desire to customize multi-cultural wedding cakes to match fashion details like textiles and color palettes, had a lot of following.

Trend #4 – Natural Light Photography

Natural Light was a hit for many couples in 2011. It’s universally flattering glow on couples, regardless of skin tone, seemed ideal for photographers as well, like this eco-friendly vintage wedding couple.

Trend #3: All-White Attire

In traditional Mayan Weddings, like this beach side event at Maroma Resort in Mexico, couples and guests wear white. Whether it’s a requirement or a request, one thing’s for sure: a monochromatic palette makes for amazing photography, and contrasts wonderfully with what will undoubtedly be a vibrant and colorful multi-cultural reception to follow.

Trend #2 – Interfaith Vows

Ceremonial canopies in 2011 were stylish blends of culture and religion. In Jewish/Indian weddings, for example, a Huppah also represented a Mandap. In 2011, we noticed more and more couples blending their faith into on seamless procession, as opposed to having multiple ceremonies.

Trend #1 – Mixed Match Bridesmaids

Our favorite multi-cultural wedding trend of 2011, which we can’t wait to see more of in 2012, was the adoption of mixed matched Sarees, Cheongsams, Mishananas, Kimonos, Lehengas, Ao dais, Khmers and everythign in between.